Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's why you love me

Seventeen random things about me.

1. i never do these things.
2. i'm only doing it because my brother is so cute
3. i think my brother, Brad, looks good in a pink feather boa (he has two girls 5 yrs and 2 yrs..thus the pink boas!)
4. i love to chew ice
5. i also love to do laundry
6. Doing laundry and chewing ice at the same time would be heaven
7. Thursday is my favourite day of the week.
8. Sometimes i spell things the British way ...because i read so much British literature and i get confused.
9. i can't make up my mind if dark green, dark purple or dark red are my favourite colours.
10.i only buy cars with manual transmission
11.i live in the city but wish i lived in the country
12. i've never been to Disney
13. i'm left handed but play sports right handed
14. Sometimes i dream in French
15. Other times i dream in Spanish
16. In college i used to dream in Russian
17. i served Hugh Douglass (former Eagles football player) hamburgers and cokes when he went to Central State.

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