Monday, September 29, 2008


i've never been a good one at waiting for bad things to happen.  i'd rather they just happen and then i can begin to pick up the pieces, start over, rebuild, recook, whatever...

So today the stock market is a wreck, everything seems to be in a slow motion of collaspe...and i just want it to happen already.  Either recover quickly and let's get back to living, or collaspe and let's start over.  i'm not looking forward to the hard, hard times a collaspe would bring, but it would give me a plan...a goal to reach for...something to do other than worry.

It's kinda like watching the Philadelphia Eagles shoot themselves in the foot last night and just wanting it to be done already......But on a much, much grander scale.

So whatever is to be, whether we all are ok and business and life resumes as we know it - or we're all living together in one house...or in tents in each other's backyard...let's get on with it. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Here's yer sign!

Do you remember when Jeff Foxworthy did his "Here's Your Sign" skits?  Absolutely hilarious.'s headlines remind me of a few.

Like the recall Joann Fabrics has on some chairs...seems that when the legs aren't locked the chairs can collapse.  Really?  Kinda like trying to sit on a lawn chair before it's completely opened?  Well golly's yer sign  and since your so um...'challenged' why don't you just take a seat on the ground.  Most likely that won't collapse on you.

Or the fact that here we are in a HUGE financial mess...the future is more uncertain than ever and so Congress has a little get together to try to fix it.  That's really great - except for the fact that the talks end because the Congressional members are hurling insults across the table at one another.'s yer dunce cap..go sit in the corner and think that perhaps you need to GROW UP a little and realize that the nation is suffering and you are calling the guy opposite of you a 'dummy'.  sheesh

Or maybe even the 'evangelist' who was charged with child porn.  Dude!  i mean really?  Your a preacher (or so you say) and so you SHOULD be reading the Bible and upholding the Christian values you say you believe in.  CHILD PORN IS NOT PART OF THOSE VALUES.  Seriously?  Here's your sign. 

i think all this stupidity is gonna make my head explode.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A letter to the Quarterback

Dear Mr. McNabb,

It was a fairly exciting game last evening - espeically on the part of the Eagles defense.  They played amazingly well, tough and never gave up - even to the very end.  Poor Steelers' quarterback, Mr.Rothernslernslebwergerseer (or however you spell his name) spent more time on the ground than he did his own two feet.  It was quite lovely.  B.Dawk (one of my personal favourites) was amazing...and Stewart Bradley was just plain hot...only to name two.

But this letter concerns you.  You, our starting quarterback, who - last Monday - showed that your 'old' form is back and that you will run and do all kinds of things to try to win (we won't talk about the give it, take it give it..that we've been making fun of all week).  But then we noticed that The Kid was ready to come in and everyone was saying (everyone was my Dad and me)..."Where's McNabb?  Where's McNabb?"  We were confused.  THEN we found out that you were in the locker room and ugh..we didn't feel so well.  But THEN you were back ,and wincing and everything and then back in the game.

So here's what i want to say.

Mr. McNabb:  When you broke your foot, you continued to play.  We expect that kind of commitment even now.  So even if you have a chest contusion and your right should is hannging by a mere tendon, get yourself back in the game and play.  It doesn't matter if blood is spurting out - it's only a flesh wound and you are not to stop playing for any reason.  Dude, seriously, even if you are semi-conscious?  Play on. 

We know you can do it.  We expect nothing else. 

We are true, never die, love ya one minute and boo you the next, Philadelphia fans.

E A G L E S!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh rats!

So even though it was a fairly exciting game (and it was) and even though our quarterbakc, McNabb looked healthy and in good shape (save for the two fumbles), we lost.


So is an official day of mourning (oh yes, sports fans, Day. Of.  Mourning.), but tomorrow will bring better days and next week will be even better.  We play the Pittsburg Steelers. It should be another very exciting game.

Here's hoping!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Today, at my day-time professional job, i am wearing a Philadelphia Eagles (American Football) shirt.

i think i'll be posting a sign on my desk:

Any and All students who roll their eyes, make negative comments about or in any other way dis the Eagles will automatically fail this semester. Any faculty who does the same will be fired on the spot and any staff member following in such horrid footsteps will be forced to play on Route 222N during rush hour!


Ha!  That'll teach the little buggers!

i mean i'm trying to be fair and balanced but with some of 'these people' one just has to take a tough stance.






Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

i'm glad today is cloudy and a bit subdued.  It matches my mood.  One of somber reflection and even a few tearsi'm glad that it's been seven years since the first 9/11 and not just seven days.  i'm grateful, still, for those in Flight 93.  Because of their true bravery, they saved multiple lives - whilst giving up their own.  "Greater love has no man than this, to lay one's life down for his friend"  That was an act of true love.  Bravery. Courage. Patriotism.  i still cry, even this morning, when i think of them - a small band of Americans determined that not another plane would take out a building, knowing that they might not emerge alive from their endeavors, but striving for the greater good all the same.  It's that kind of thinking that made this country great in the beginning - when a group of people and Congress decided that we needed to be a free and independent nation.  The cost was huge, and high and yet the outcome was for the greater good.  So maybe some of my tears, while in mourning and remembrance for those brave men and women of Flight 93, it's also with some semblance of pride and patriotism that i cry - thankful for yet another reminder of this country's roots...and humbling me to live my life so that their's doesn't seem wasted.

There is almost too much to remember - fire fighters and police and other rescue workers going into burning buildings(both in NY and DC) with the sole desire to rescue and help and many of them not making it back out alive.  That kind of dedication, love and selflessness is astounding to me and if i compare myself to them - i come up short.  However, i want to remember, not to put myself down-nor place them as high as God, but rather - again - to help me live my life in such a way that theirs doesn't seem wasted.

i don't always do that well.  i sometimes get impatient and say things or respond to emails in a way that really isn't the best.  And though i realize that is human nature, it's not the way i wish to live.  So today, the day of remembrance, i make another fresh start.  Taking the hurt and emotion of what today meant, and putting it into my life to make me a better person, so that in turn, i can help others, love unconditionally and please God with my life.

So whether the Democrats or the Republicans or even a third party wins the election, whether oil and gas prices are crazy high or whatever may happen this next year, our nation still stands.  It is still a wonderful and very free place to live.  i love this country.  i will never forget the bravery, the love, the courage and the high example so many Americans left for us all seven years ago. 

God bless America - may we never forget.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doesn't anybody ever listen?

Ok..This is not a political blog - not before not now.  But...

But..i just have to say this.

Today, i heard a clip of Mr. Obama in one of his many speeches say that (paraphrased by moi) we need to get out of Iraq responsibly and orderly/carefully and focus on Afghanistan now.

And i rolled my eyes because:

1. That is precisely what we're doing NOW

2. If folks would just listen to me every now and then and read they would know that we've BEEN doing that for months.  Wasn't it months ago that it was declared that the war had been all but won and that the Iraqi government was gaining ground and making good progress and that our troops were being moved from Iraq and the focus was now in Afghanistan? 

i am not right all of the time...and typically don't make a ruckus about stuff...but honestly!  Dude!  Seriously?  Get with the times. (and though i used Mr. Obama as an example, any other politician/side does the exact same thing) 

i really do hate politics.  It makes people look like complete idiots.




Friday, September 5, 2008

i can't be the only one... is impossible, i hope, that i am the only one who is amazed by all the hostility of this election.  i've heard name calling from both sides that not only are just childish and rediculous but also not very helpful to anyone.

Recently i heard something that helped me in my own political views.  We need to take the emotion out of our thinking and make good, well-thought out choices.  We need to scour both sides for facts, make an intelligent choice and then vote your conscience.  Amazingly, in this country, we have the freedom to vote for whom we wish, even if that is in disagreement with someone else.  And that person has the right to disagree with you.  Doesn't mean anyone has to adopt the "I AM RIGHT you are wrong" attitude.

Time to grow up a little bit, folks. 

Find out the facts

Make your choice

Vote your conscience

Allow others to do the same.

It's not taking an 'i-dont-care' attitude..not at all..just strive for peace and harmony in your own life while making informed decisions.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tango me

There is a movie i may have referenced before, The Tango Lesson.  It's an odd mix of French, British and Argentinian languages, shot in mostly black and white, and a decent, if not off-beat, story line.  i love it.  What i really love is the dancing.  Can't get enough of it.  Tango music and the intricate dancing is amazing and so sensual...

Here is my favourite number in the entire movie.  It's a girls dream come true..or at least mine!  Three men!  Dancing!  Feet moving so amazingly sensual and passionate...i can't get enough of it.  Dance on!


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