Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sing to me

my Father's side of the family is 100% Irish.  Immigrants who came over from Ireland to find a better life, to get away from famine and British rule.  Some on that side of the family were teachers, some farmers, one was an architect, one ended up as an Olympic judge, some were maids for the rich of Philadelphia, one was a hobo.  Very interesting family, to say the least.

Their hearts, however, never left their homeland and that longing has been passed down from generation to generation.  i have a dream to go to Ireland, to see the homeland of my Father's family, to breathe the air and drink in all of that country's goodness.  It is almost a homesick feeling, one that is hard to explain, but one, i understand, is common in those of Irish heritage. 

There is a song done by Celtic Women, called "Send Me a Song"  the first time i heard it, i immediately thought of my ancestors leaving their homeland for the States and knowing how hard goodbyes are for me, it's a rather heartbreaking concept for me to understand.  In today's world we have IM and cell phones, and good satellite phones and email and regular mail and sheesh - eight hours on a plane and you can be back home - but for them - it was the final goodbye...ugh - that just hurts to think of it.  Letters took weeks, traveling just the same.  But in my Irish-romantic mind, i think they sang songs of each other to remember those gone or those left behind.

Here's the YouTube of the song...

Send Me A Song

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