Tuesday, January 6, 2009

YAY no tub in the dining room

But...but there is surely a problem and i'll have to deal with it. It's at times like these that i wish:
1) i had a handyman for a boyfriend/close friend/friend locked in the attic
2) i was able to do these things for myself.

i want to re-do my bathroom anyway and have thought about starting to rip out the floor tiles to see how bad things are..and to also begin to take down the nasty shower thing-y walls and go buy the tile i want.

The problem is that i have an idea how to do this but not the actual knowledge. BUT i don't want to pay someone else big bucks to do it so i might just try it myself (no worries, i won't try to do the plumbing alone..well probably not). It's kinda exciting to know that i can either totally repair my own house or totally ruin it.

Power. Sheer power, folks

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Kurt said...

Dude - go for it.