Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Insult to Injury

On Sunday, i had a very bad day.

First of all, i woke with an upset stomach but i went to church anyway. Then, in the middle of the service, i had to make a run for the bathroom but alas, nothing but gagging happened. So i sat in the foyer because i really just didn't feel well. Had i been able to get the attention of my sisters (who were sitting close to the back) we would've left, however, that was not to be. Oh no..much more was in store for me.

Then i had one of the 'wanna get away?' moments....yeah. In church. Oh the joy.

So i went to my folks' house to watch the big game (Eagles vs. Arizona) and was all bundled up and lying on the couch.

And the Eagles lost.

And i'm not sure what was worse: throwing up in the ladies bathroom at church or the Eagles loss.

All the way around, it was a crummy day.


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