Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh and ....

i had a dream last night that was very odd and funny at the same time. One part of it was that i was leaving a country club and going toward my car when a man, shorter than i, kinda bumped into me. He then apologized and started to move away. i glanced back at him, he was getting into his truck, and he yelled from across the parking lot "If i were 5Ft taller, this would be the part where i'd ask you where we were going for dinner."

Something in me (in this dream) said take a chance and i yelled back "Actually, you can take me to the opera tomorrow night."

And as he started walking toward me, with a huge grin on his face........I WOKE UP!

Now sheesh - who knows where that might have gone! And he was cute - although i didn't recognize his face from anyone i know.

And yes, my dreams are always that vivid and usually that crazy.( don't even get me started on the amish girls who carried garlands of flowers which hid machine guns....yes, same dream).

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Kurt said...

Five feet taller! That's tall.