Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i am so strange

So...i live in a row home built in my city around 1910. The walls on the outside are brick and the inside is plaster over that brick..kinda thick walls but not insulated. So the outside walls get quite cold in the winter.

To help conserve energy, i don't heat my bedroom. When i go in there to go to bed, you can see your breath. i prefer the cold and pile on tons of quilts and comforters. Diving into bed each night is a bit of a dare, but by morning it's hard to leave my snuggly nest of covers. i sleep so well and deeply, breathing in cool and clear air.

i blame my mother for this behaviour....in a good way.

However, as i'm getting older, i'm finding that diving into cotton sheets is almost more than i can handle. It's like getting flash frozen. So i might invest in flannel sheets - which is a huge thing for me(if you only knew how much i hate flannel sheets).

So, not only am i strange -= i'm now old and dressing in flannel. What's next? BenGay perfume and prune juice for lunch?



Heather said...

I don't think you are strange (just for the record and hopefully my opinion counts). I so remember you not having heat in your room. There is something so refreshing about breathing in the cool crisp air. Only thing is that it makes it SO hard to get out of bed in the morning!

Kurt said...

I like a cold bedroom too. Lots of covers.