Wednesday, January 7, 2009

101 Things in 1001 days

I got this idea from

And i've even stolen some of her ideas - and hope that's ok Beth.....but i'm kinda slow sometimes and so...

Here's my list. I am starting it today and will re-evaluate by October 5, 2011.

1. Read through the Bible from front to back.
2. Read all the books on my classics list
3. Read The Economist every month
4. Read something that I totally don’t agree with (either religiously/politically, etc)
5. ReRead the Narnia Series

6. Write in my blog a minimum of three times a week.
7. Write some essays or edit ones I’ve already written
8. Submit a transcript for a children’s book
9. Write the transcript for a children’s book

10. Invest in a MacBook
11. Investigate how to do a slow spending year or couple of months
12. Become totally debt free – including mortgage
13. Become more involved in my investments

Health and Wellness
14. Thirty minutes of yoga three times a week for one month. (0/12)
15. Visit the dentist for a real appointment
16. Pamper myself to a spa
17. Begin vitamin/barley green regiment
18. Take a morning walk every weekday for two weeks. (0/14)
19. Eat organicially for two months
20. Do the 21-day “Daniel” fast

Food and Drink
21. Totally re-do pantry
22. Learn to bake good bread
23. Learn to make really good pie crust
24. Eat soup for lunch for one week. (0/7)
25. Learn to forage in the woods edible things – do research before foraging
26. Go a week without soda. (0/7)
27. Make chocolate/lemon cake for sister for no reason other than just because
28. Drink a glass of milk per day for a month. (0/30)
29. Drink only water for one week. (0/7)
30. Eat a hot breakfast everyday for one week. (0/7)
31. Buy organic products and free range meats
32. Check out the co-op in Lancaster

Fashion and Beauty
33. Go through my shoes and donate some to charity or throw out
34. Moisturise feet nightly for two weeks. (3/14)
35. Moisturise hands daily for one month. (3/30)
36. Wear red lipstick.-Done 1/6/09
37. Get my hair cut short(this one scares me)
38. Have a facial.
39. Have a professional makeup consultation.
40. Find an all-purpose dress to keep in my wardrobe.
41. Invest in good lingerie
42. Get a pedicure.
43. Find another skirt style that looks great on me

Crafty, Crafty
44. Learn how to sew
45. Learn how to knit
46. Complete three cross-stitching projects (0/3)
47. Learn about crocheting.
48. Learn how to fix things in my own home

Travel and Tourism
49. Go to Ireland.
50. Go to the Philadelphia Zoo.
51. Go to the Cape May Zoo
52. Return to Paris
53. Go to at least four operas
54. Become a Reading Royals fan
55. Go to a European Christmas market.
56. See tulips in Holland.
57. Visit three states never been to before in the US

58. Donate old clothing to Good Will
59. Use all shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child

60. Find and use a daily devotional for one year. (0/365)
61. Attend church every Sunday
62. Keep a gratitude journal for one month. (0/30)

Everyday Fun
63. Buy myself flowers from the florist
64. Buy flower boxes for front windows
65. Get a new set of everyday dishes. - Done 1.08.09
66. Take a photograph every day for a month. (0/30)
67. Make a “dinner music” playlist.
68. Have a games day/night.
69. Order holiday cards from Etsy.
70. Spend a weekend at home without turning on the computer.
71. Afternoon tea with Person X.
72. Send 10 random “thinking of you” cards. (0/10)
73. Send flowers to someone for no reason.
74. Get an iPod and learn how to use it
75. Compile an iTunes library
76. Update address book.
77. Take a French class.
78. Listen to all songs in my iTunes library.
79. Play in the rain.
80. Have a picnic in the park.
81. Get up at 4am for one week. (0/7)
82. Make a will.
83. Stargaze.
84. Really consider if want to get a Master’s degree
85. Consider changing careers
86. Ask a random guy out for dinner
87. Have at least 10 fancy dinners in my house (0/10)
88. Change my garden
89. Garden veggies at my folks’ house
90. Send random ‘Thank you for investing in my life’ cards or emails
91. Get involved in my political party
92. Find a mentor for whole eating/slow year living
93. Adopt an older person at a nursing home
94. Play the piano as much as possible
95. Go to the movies more – even if alone
96. Find a really good friend
97. Eat at the Afghan restaurant in Philadelphia
98. Eat a small piece of chocolate everyday (exceptions: while on 21-day fast)

And the Formalities
99. Write a blog post for each completed item.
100. Donate $2.00 for each unfinished item to a charity of my choosing.
101. Write a new list for the next 1001 days.

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