Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something i just love

***Warning: Rant and not very nice post below - feel free to visit when
i'm being nicer***

i just love it when the world, involved in their own problems and bitter rivalries and acting like spoiled children (you think Putin turning off the gas lines wasn't a spoiled-child tantrum? look again) and they blame it all on America.

Nothing makes me happier than to see the world at large not able to stand up for themselves and say, "Hey guess what? We're a mess and we've made a mess and we have to take care of this mess." but rather "That dang America - it's THEIR fault."

Nothing makes my heart pitter-patter faster than reading that a freakin doctor would say that America should be bombed and set on her heels because Israel and Palestine are fighting once again.

Oh please.

America has enough internal problems and messes that we have to fix by ourselves and if i were President i'd close all the borders, stop all import/export and work like a mad dog to get our country back on track and then see who the big babies are.

But then again, i'm still cranky and really fed up with the world's whiners ...not to mention America's whiners.

i need chocolate or someone is going to seriously get injured....and don't complain about your injury you big baby.

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