Friday, January 9, 2009

Sheltering myself

i rarely watch television. If i have time, i'll pop in a movie but i had the cable taken off years ago. Part of the reason for this is that i'm kinda a news junkie and as one can tell from the two less than attractive posts preceding this one, i get all crazy with bad news. It's mostly an irritation that mankind refuses to take responsibility for their own actions but sometimes it really does bother me, interrupting sleep and keeping me from doing chores and other good things around my home and work. It's like a self-shelter - protecting my inner woman from things that i know will bother me or upset me.

So i've put a little restriction on, and just for about a week or so. It's not that i don't want to be's that i'd rather be informed about everything that is happening everywhere and that really isn't a good idea! LOL

It's 6.49am and i'm already at work, being unable to sleep through the night so i decided to come in early and enjoy the quiet. And i find i'm in a much, much better mood, even though the lack of sleep.

Also? i'm wearing the cutest skirt know to mankind. And a gorgeous red scarft.

And and a sweet. See? The world may be falling to pieces but i'm going to enjoy this morning anyway!

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