Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My head might explode

There is so much in my mind to sort out and put down in a logical manner but in the meantime, my poor little head might just blow up with all that i'm trying to give some time and attention to.

For instance the stupid war between Israel and Palestine, Putin turning off the gas, our own Congress and Senate


i also want to seriously start making changes in the way i live and eat and care for my body, house, yard, etc. i will not become some crazy burkenstock wearing tree hugger**, but i sure could do alot better in how i handle what's been given to us. AND i have some New Year Goals that i'd also like to jot down but can't always find the time between my movie watching and sleeping (why does one slow down so much during winter??) and working two jobs and...and a...and did i mention my car's inspection ran out months ago and i've still not gotten it to the shop?

i think i need a secretary.
***there is nothing wrong with being a crazy burkenstock wearing tree hugger, i'm just feeling mean today. So just "take it where you shake it"


Kurt said...

"Take it where you shake it" ©Kurt of OPE.

emma said...

yeah, i so know i didn't credit you with that saying.

bad me!