Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sing baby, sing and dance too

i have had the privilege of singing in a community choir which is associated with my workplace.  This is in addition to all my other things that seemed crammed into my life.  However, we are performing the Messiah this weekend and tonight is the dress rehearsal.  There are loosely 120 voices and we've been practicing for the past two months to ready ourselves for this occasion.  What a joy to lift one's voice up and sing with others who share the same passion for music as i.  And our conductor is a hoot!  He's a rather interesting man - funny, intelligent, eclectic, talented - everything a conductor should be.  i've not sung in such a choir for a while and it's been great fun and good discipline to get back into it.  So tonight is the end of practice and i must be honest in saying that i'll miss the fun and work.

Don't know what i'll do with my Tuesday nights now though - maybe take up basket weaving? Knitting?  Sheep shearing?  hmm....or maybe i'll just perfect the art of the three hour bubble bath!

AND something i forgot...i was invited to attend the Christmas dance at the studio where i take lessons.  It's by invitation only, from what i understand and i'm honored to have been asked.  However, i'm in a bit of a panic as i've only ever danced with my instructor and what if i'm asked to dance and the man knows some other step and i end up in a heap on the floor?  OR worse yet, what if no one asks ...AND i have nothing to wear to this thing...AND i'm excited yet petrified and i should've said that i was unable to attend AND i'm not ready = i've only had four lessons and can only do basic steps and for goodness sake why did i say 'yes'?  HELP!

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