Monday, November 21, 2005

Nuther Football Post

Soooo....hmm...the Eagles...well what can i say? To lose to the Giants??? The arch-rivals?  Eagles fans are typically taught from early on that the Giants and Cowboys are fierce foes, and while individual players may be admired from afar - never, ever root for them and in fact, a deep dislike is preferred.  ::sigh::  And Trotter's injury - not good.  But there were some awesome blocks from the offensive line and Westbrook was all over the place and who can say enough about Lewis' one-handed catch or the defense and dang but McMahon can throw bullets and run and leap and take hits and jump right back up (wonder how he's feeling today...<yikes>) - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to this loss.

What is it about football that i enjoy so much?  i've wondered that often.  Maybe because i've been watching since five months old?  Maybe the sheer competition?  Maybe the exciting plays and tension?  i'm not a statistics junky, i can't tell you the numbers that each player wears, sometimes i don't even know the names of the new guys for months, that is all unimportant...but i do know great block, i can pick out holding and clipping, i get crazy excited with a break-away run or a "Hail Mary" pass...when B.Dawkins comes out of nowhere and bats down balls or makes a block that rattles teeth, or Kearse, or Trotter...i can holler with the best of stomach tenses when Westbrook is plowing through a pile o'guys and when McNabb or McMahon are scrambling i'm usually saying "look out, look out"...LOL..crazy.  Who knows.


ps: it's nice that the Eagles have two QBs with Irish last names...


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bherd94 said...

Your in Penn. and you still don't know who the real team there is,,,   come on Irish,  get on board,   Steelers,  Superbowl team in 2005..  lol

                                                              Hi again,   Bill