Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So which is more embarrassing::

1.   Choking up while talking with the oil dispatcher because they can't make a delivery until Monday and i have guests coming tomorrow and my oil tank is quite low.
2.   Crying outright when the accounts manager called back and says they will be there first thing on Friday and that she was calling me because the oil dispatcher was very concerned about me.

(ok, so i'm a emotional female - but it was so kind of them to get the oil to me early...and yes, i do normally check the tank more frequently, but i had other things going on for the past three weeks...)        

Edit:  when i got home just a bit ago - there was evidence that the oil guy had been there - and they filled my tank.  Kindess and good customer service can sometimes make someone's day. Excuse me while i go cry one more time. 


1 comment:

triplexbuffalo said...

Well - since you got your oil like you needed, I don't think you should be embarrassed at all.


I know you've had a lot of stuff on your mind.