Saturday, November 26, 2005

Just stuff

i come from a large family.  There are eight children.  It's a nice, noisy, loving, laughing family.  But our ages range from me (who shall ever remain 29) to a six yr old.  Fun. 

my 16 yr old sister has a boyfriend.  A nice guy, thus far.  Tall - 6'3" (yum!), cute kid.  Poor thing has almost met the entire family and gets drilled from all angles.  What you guys go through sometimes....<grin>

And it made me think of when i was boyfriend was 18 and we had a great relationship.  Lived in the sticks but had fun nonetheless.  One of my dates with him was to go with his brother and girlfriend and the four of us went up into the mountains to shoot 'pop' cans.  Yes, shoot.  With guns.  Rifles.  A hand gun.   Yes, me.  All dressed up (not in a skirt though) and shooting guns....And we were very careful and not stupid, just practicing. (by the way, i'm not a bad shot) For our date.  ROFL...oh man, what a time!  What a life! 

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