Friday, November 18, 2005


i love this the tingling feeling my face has when i come indoors...i love the smell of the leaves on the ground...i love the blue sky and bright sun...i love the chill of the wind as it and the exhilerating feeling it gives...that cold, fresh air - good air to clear the lungs...i was visiting my folks last night and my lil sister (15 yrs old) was making chocolate chip cookies...i love that smell...i love the fact that she's learning to bake and becoming accomplished in the kitchen...i love seeing the look of happiness on her face when she's told that they are delicious...i love coming into a house and feeling the warmth - a big contrast from the outdoors...i love warm wool socks and thick sweaters....i love the smell of wood smoke in the air....i love a nice cozy fire in the fireplace....i love a room lit with candlelight....i love putting up white chiristmas lights...i love Thanksgiving and all the nosie and fun that goes with it....i love the fact that the children and teens in the family eat all the asparagus and we adults have to fight over six little pieces....i love the laughter of my family...i love the sounds of the football game...i love Dark Chocolate Wilbur Buds...i love listening to stories and jokes and bad puns that are always prevelant around the tables....i love family who travels from Florida to be 'home'....i love this time of the year, it is by far my favorite. 

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