Monday, November 7, 2005


So i had a great weekend, all things considered.  Was in New, not running the marathon, but visiting with a dear friend.  Spent some time outdoors, leaves crunching underfoot - that delicious smell of autumn, warm sun, cold nights...can't beat it.  Reminds me of my childhood - grew up on the side of a mountain in central PA, spent many days tromping through the woods...

..and i'm still tromping through the woods...woods of adulthood- i think i'm going to plan a pre-mid life crisis..though it's not quite as effective when it's planned, i'm afraid.  But sometimes these 'woods' get me down - when i take stock of my life thus far - not exactly where i want to be ...and so i need to dig in and make happen those things that will prevent me from a real mid-life crisis...'s to strapping on some hiking shoes and walking through this part of my life.  Here's to digging in and making happen those things that i want and need.  Here's to enjoying life to the fullest and taking lifes' blows square on, but recovering from them with grace. 

Here's to forgiveness and mended relationships. 

And here's to being kissed by a stranger....

You remain
My power, my pleasure, my pain.

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