Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Simple Things

"'Cause i dream of simple things i can believe in
Like the feeling this day brings
True love and the miracle of forgiving
i believe in simple things..." 
(Amy Grant)

i like simple things.  i like the smell of the leaves under my shoes as i walk.  i like the city early in the morning.  i like when my house is clean and at rest.  i like hot tea and cookies shared with a friend.  i like laughing with girlfriends over some silly thing.  i like quiet evenings reading a book that expands my mind.  i like shoes.  i like all things girlie and pretty.  i like strong Men.  i like honesty.  i like candlelight.  i like flowers.  i like to make people happy and smile.  i like music.  i like catching a man's glance and blushing.  i like smiling.  i like the freedom that forgiveness brings.  i like clean sheets.  i like lavendar scented bubble baths.  i like to be kissed...deeply.  i like warm October days and cold nights.  i like snuggling under the covers.  i like the feeling when i first wake up - body warm and relaxed, nose cold, cat purring in my ear, cat scratching my arm, cat...OK, OK- i don't like that (darn cat).

In this complex world, with all the stress and confusion that life brings, the simpler things keep me grounded. 

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