Friday, November 11, 2005

i'm a sickie...sick, sick, sickie (hmm...SNL perhaps?) 

OH and dance lesson last night was wonderful - although i wasn't feeling good at all, it was so nice to learn new steps - we did the foxtrot, rumba, fun is that?  Jerry's wife teaches couples and so we were all in the same ballroom together - and it was great..this couple hasn't been dancing long but they are doing a good job - the wife looks great - has the hip action and is graceful...and the man is pretty good too...and then i was - learning the first steps to the foxtrot!  LOL  but in my defense it was only my third lesson, so i'll not be too hard on myself (just yet)...and i'm able to talk to Jerry while we're dancing without stepping on his toes.  He is SO encouraging...and funny as well...and that helps.  He told me if i'm going to mess up - make it big! 

i love watching us dance in the mirror - not because i'm enamoured with myself, but because i can see our feet/legs and i am amazed when mine are in time with Jerry's!  It's quite fabulous darling.

He also told me that he teaches an 80 yr old woman!  She's been taking lessons for five years (!) and is pretty good and loves to do the rhythmic dances (latin based ones)...can you imagine?  i love people like that - who aren't afraid to take a chance and do something new and fun.  Sometimes when you take a chance, you lose, but sometimes, just sometimes, those chances turn into a dance!

ps.  Jerry also mentioned my shoes - i've been learning to dance in 4" heels..and the norm for practice shoes for women is about 2 - 21/2...hmmm..

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