Monday, November 8, 2010

We got a dog!

i think that i have posted the multiple times when either my house or my car has been vadalized and/or broken into and/or stolen. House twice, car three times. Last week, someone broke into an empty house on the block. They did no damage and the police came right away, but the house next to mine is also empty and i do not want a third break in.

We found her on Wednesday and got her on Saturday!

i will post more about her later, but we are experienceing some attitude from some neighbors which is very unpleasant and really upsets me. These are good neighbors who have been good friends and yet they do not seem to understand that two single women plus a baby living together might want a little more protection. That baffles me a bit. i think things will all work out in the end, but for now it is unpleasant.

But hey! We got a dog!!! And she is so sweet ...i think she went through a lot of hardship and/or abuse before the Animal Rescue League found her but we are glad to have her and will nurse her back to complete health (she has some skin issues....).

Honestly, it does make me feel better. i even took her with me to the store today and felt better about coming back to the car and it still being there! LOL. It is a good thing...a very good thing.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Congratulations! I got a dog so I'd feel safer when the Mr. traveled and so I'd have someone to eat half of all my meals and take up most of my leg space in bed;-)