Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Keeping busy

Despite the month of darkness, i actually did get a number of things accomplished. One of those being fall house cleaning. i threw out a bunch of stuff, gave a ton of things to Goodwill (even some beloved books!!!), washed almost all my windows, and have done almost all the curtains. Today, i did my bedroom curtains and though they were not gross and terribly dirty, it sure smells amazing when they are fresh and clean and the breeze is blowing through them.

i also patched my roof numerous times (oh yay), fixed my gutter on the side of the house (will need to replace it in the Spring) and painted and put up a border in my entry way. Those things make a difference in how the house looks and feels. Also helps with a good mood.

OH! and decorated for the fall. i surely love my fall decorations, the vibrant hues....they will stay up until Thanksgiving and then will start to decorate for Christmas. Those things always make me happy as well. Not terribly life changing but lighten the mood...the spirit...and it makes my house look pretty too.

When i came home from doing laundry today, my first thought when i walked in the house was ...OHHH how pretty. (i cleaned big time last night) And that is such a very, very nice thought to have of one.s house, is it not? To enjoy coming home. Truth be told, i have some rooms that look horrible, because they need some repair or total remodel (after all the houes was built 100 yrs ago), but the cleanness and decorations are something the soothes..and invites..and relaxes me.

So come on over for a cup of coffee or tea...


Kurt said...

I wish I had some fall decorations. We put out the ceramic witch hat full of candy that I bought 3 years ago at the 99 cent store. That's it.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

You gave out three year old candy Kurt? Yuck!

You've inspired me to clean today Emma! I love older homes. Of at least a hundred! I grew up in a house of that age and prefer them over newly built homes.