Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Full heart equals skimpy blog post

i am working, i think, on a blog post that is rather dear to me about an something i expeienced this past Sunday. Through all of my own moanings of yesterday, this experience remains deep in me and i am not sure i have the words to do it justice. But i might try.

Also this morning i came accross a blog that has challenged me in my writing and in my daily living. That was a nice, nice surpise.

And last night, i stumbled upon this blog: http://thepioneerwoman.com/confessions
which kept me up until the wee hours. Mostly laughing. She is quite a writer and a woman and the things she sometimes says just struck me as funny. That was an added delight and a nice way to end a not-so-good-mostly-terrible-day.

Today is rainy and dark and dismal, yet i have found a number of blessings of the day and that leads to hope and hope leads to keep going which keeps me out of bed and smiling. The situation has not changed much, but i am finding better ways to get through this dark time.

oh and we are eating Mexican food for supper...that alone can brighten anyone's day, right? (well hopefully it will stay tasting like Mexican after i am done with it....my apologies to the Mexican people and cooks.)

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