Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, you used to be my friend

i started this day in a bit of excitement. Last evening, my Mom and i went over the Thanksgiving menu and what we were going to do during the day and it was fresh in my mind. i could not wait to start making my lists and plan my grocery list. We have not done Thanksgiving at home in more than 20 years but this year my cousin is battling cancer and does not feel that she can host it as she normally does. So very sad for many reasons, though her prognosis seems to be promising. Still....what she has to endure is great and looming and scary for her. So we are making other plans and it seems a bit odd...but yet will be fun because family will be together.

But i first had to call the unemployment office to settle some question they had. And that call almost shattered me. It was so bad, for me,that i went back to bed. i do NOT want that dark depression to surround me...i will NOT give into it..and after a nice long nap, i do truly feel better. i guess i find that since being unemployed, my reaction to stressful situations is just really poor. i shut down. blech.

So...though the bills are looming and in reality, i might lose my house, i need to continue to focus on positive keep moving...keep applying for jobs and keep real real real close to my Heavenly Father who holds all things in His very capable hands.

i have not gotten back to the joyful attitude of first thing...before the call...but i am hoping that tomorrow will bring good things and that i will be a bit stronger to face the bumps in the road.

Also...Monday Night Football (gonna watch it with my 18 yr old brother) will help.


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Patty H. said...

HI, glad you found my blog.
I'm sorry to hear about your cousin and cancer. It is a scary thing.
I understand about shutting down when things happen, I do that as well.
Patty H.