Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can't Believe It!

Most of the time, little things make me very happy.

Today something little...or not so....really made my day.

Not far from my house used to be the most unusual Antique shop you have ever seen. It basically was an old barn and outbuildings where the owners decorated in "rooms" inside. For instance, they had a Coke "room" which was just an area where Coke memorabilia was sold and some other red and white items. It was quite charming and a little overwhelming as they had so. much. stuff.

They decided last year that they wanted to retire and so held eight different auctions to help get rid of a lot of their things. Then the shop closed.

I was rather bummed about it because they had some of the most unusual things and from all different time periods and no matter how you decorate your house, you could find something to enhance it. i have a mostly Victorian house with French and WWII influence (i know, i know..odd but it works) and found some lovely things there that i truly treasure. Pink WWII glass tea set? Adorable and i LOVE serving things on it.

Anyway, today, i was on that road that goes by and i felt a bit nostalgic....and to my delight and surprise, IT WAS OPEN! WHAT???? i kid you not. Open O P E N!

So i stopped in (had my 14 month old niece with me) and went inside. It is completely different but i did see some of the old treasures inside. i didn't care...IT IS OPEN!

After walking through, i talked to the owner and told him how glad i was that they had re opened and he said, " Well you know we retired? (i did) We enjoyed it for a bit but realized that we really missed being in the business so now we are doing it as a hobby and not a business."

Totally made my day. And now i can stop by, look around think of where some things might and Voila!

Happy Saturday to me! (oh, and you too!)

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