Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby, it's cold inside

i think this winter might be a challenge to keep my home warm. In someone's not so infinite wisdom, the heating system was changed from radiator to forced air. Now it is a good selling point, because all of the duct work was done long ago and it would be easy to have Central Air installed....however, for heating, it is the worst.

Radiator heat heats does not just warm the air, but actual objects in the room, including the air. Forced air just blows around warm air and the minute it shuts off, the room is freezing cold.

So for that reason, for the past six years, i have used a very large kerosene heater as my main source of heat and then supplemented with electric heaters as needed. It works. Yes, it is a pain sometimes, but no more than those who have to haul wood and keep fires going. And yes it it stinky sometimes but that is rare, to be honest. What it does provide is steady warmth that radiates into objects, thus causing the house to feel cozy. i keep it in the dining room, which is in the middle of my home and it makes the second floor (where we spend most of the time in the winter) quite nice.

The price, however, this year went up about 30 cents and so getting kerosene is a bit pricey....and being without a job as of now, it is a bit worrisome as to how to keep the fires going, so to speak. But i have faith and trust and hope (ohh blessed hope) that it is going to be ok and though we might have to have some cold days to conserve or not heat the house at night (when the baby is not here), i think we can manage.

i mean, one Christmas i slept in my parent's shed because everyone in the house had the stomach flu and i was determined that i was NOT going to get it....and i didn't....i also did not get sick from sleeping in the shed, it was quite nice, to be honest! LOL

But then i am crazy like that.

ps. the dog is doing quite well...and she is fun to be around. Today the baby all but laid on her giving her kisses and the dog just laid , thumping her tail. She has yet to bark but is very alert to noises outside, especially those close to the front door....So far, so good.

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