Monday, May 12, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise

...or more aptly titled: The Gym.

Oh gym, how i love thee

i love that i sweat like a man

and that all my muscles scream in reluctant submission

to the workout of the Elliptical machine

and how when i do the buttocks lifter-thing

i tremble.

Oh gym, how i revel in the smell of the rubber floors

and the showers with the cold water on Monday morning

how i thank thee for the loud music and fans that

don't seem to cool anything down at all.

Oh Gym, what bliss i feel when i look at myself

in the mirror after my workout

and delight in the blotchy pink cheeks and

wild eyes.

What feelings of euphoria!

What delight!

i think i am delusional

and crazy, i just might




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