Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a difference a day makes...

And it's not always good.

i just found out that a good friend from my hometown (small po-dunk town in the middle of Pennsylvania) collasped and died from an apparent heart attack last night.  This is quite shocking.  This woman played a big part in my life as i was growing up, loved to laugh and was practical, yet quite femnine.  i can't put into words at present all that she meant and means to me, only that this news-never pleasant to receive-has not yet sunk in.  i think my Father will be doing the funeral and i'm sure i'll attend, but i don't want to-i want the memories of her to be forever frozen in time and in my mind as she was. 

And on another front, my sister is having a procedure today and we hope and pray that all will turn out well.

So this day, i'm not quite as chipper as yesterday, though i am perfectly healthy and things for me are ok, but i feel bad and a bit low when those around me and those whom i love are suffering.

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