Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday morning rambles

~Things are good - real good at present.  This doesn't mean i am free from all stress and worry, but i am happy and relatively healthy and the sun shines.

~Not so for the folks in Myanmar - sheesh that's rather devastating and as always, i wish i could help.  The reports at present are 4000 killed and 3000 missing.  That's a lot - a lot of heartbreak and ruin.  And there's a lot of that in this world, isn't there?  Too much sadness and heartbreak and starving and ruin.  Devastation and depression and economic woes  -it's all rather startling and overwhelming.  So what can we do?  Giving to reliable charities is one way, sending prayers, letters and just letting others in need know that someone cares does help and also living our own lives carefully, not in waste.

Living that way is becoming more and more of a passion of mine.  i am not wealthy, not at all, and i struggle with rising prices just like everyone else...but i am determined to live more carefully, wasting precious little, learning to stretch that dollar even further than i do now, taking care of the resources i have.  Will that relieve the world's starving? hmm..not so sure it will, but it might free up some money that a good charity could use, or it might give me the ability to volunteer or something - i don't know.....

~Recent Gym news:  i hit a real groove today just as i hit the 30 min mark.  Previous to that, i had to stop twice just to rest (about 30 seconds each time) but when i hit that 30 min mark, i was cruising.  Why is that?  Needless to say, i stopped and did some arm weights but i'm going to see on Wednesday if that happens again.

~When one's alarm clock goes off at 0430 and one is sleeping the wrong way on her bed (across the top), one can get disoriented very quickly when one is reaching for the bed-side table and all one finds is the wall.  Just saying...

~Men.  If anyone knows me for more than 10 minutes, it will probably be apparent that i think Men are terrific.  Not without spot and wrinkle and not all men are worthy of such high admiration (i'm thinking crooks, thieves, rapists..really bad guys, not so much the average dude), but for the majority,mmm it's all good.  Know what i really like about them?  They are so different from me.  Well..hopefully anyway.  :grin:  There's more to be said on this subject but see next point

~Work.  i need to get to work.  Like now. 

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