Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear Sir

Dear Sir or To Whom It May Concern - better known as Hey You There on the Treadmill in Front of Me:

It is 5.15am on a groggy Monday morning.  i am not happy to be up and pounding away at this treadmill and less happy that i've allowed my body to get to the point where this pounding away at said treadmill (which by the way is now only TREADmill...WHOOT!) is a struggle.  However, it is not helpful when you with your stellar calf muscles, great upper body and um...nice rear, only stays on the treadmill in front of me for 20 min.  You see, Mister, i need to watch you for inspiration.  i need to see that you, too, are sweating a mile a minute and that the agony on your face matches mine.  Because that?  That is like food to a starving one or water to um..well me.  Yes, that's right..you are my inspiration. No, no, don't think i am coming on to you, because quite frankly, i'm not.  Not interested in knowing your name or what you do for a living or that you have the cutest lil girlfriend in the world.  Nor am i interested in the colour of your eyes or what kind of car you drive.  Frankly, i couldn't care less.

i just need to watch your legs pounding away..just like i need to hear the slap, slap, slap of the woman beside me who is running on her treadmill.  So next time, if you notice me behind you (and i doubt you will unless you read this blog), please stay on your machine for at least 30 min more.


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