Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who's your daddy now?

On Friday, as i was leaving work, i noticed that traffic had almost come to a stop.  i didn't see the reason until i got a little closer and realized that everyone had stopped so that a Canada goose family could cross the road.  It was a family outing for sure.  There were about 8 fluffy golden little ones who stayed close to the Mama and the Papa was a good two feet behind the family, walking very slowly making sure no one went the wrong way or was harmed.  That's what everyone was waiting for...the Papa goose to cross.  He was definitely struttin' his stuff.  As if to say, "Yeah, see all this?  It's MINE. See that hot Mama and those adorable kids?  Yeah, all Mine!"

i had to come back that way right before heading for home and as i did, i looked for that goose family.  They were all nibbling at the grass and dandelions and seemed perfectly content.  But the Papa goose?  He was standing up a bit - not right next to his family, his neck was straight up and he was keeping guard - you could read it in his goose body language.  "You wanna mess with me?  Yeah, i didn't think so...keep driving" was what he seemed to say.

It's very interesting to me to watch animal behaviour - i've never spent much time watching geese, though i know they both raise their broods and they mate for life - but that little glimpse really made my day!


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