Saturday, April 19, 2008


It's Saturday!!  i've just come in from gardeing - or should i say dirting...cause i was only turning the dirt over, mixing last years mulch with the dirt that lay quiet during the winter, and i pulled some weed, and i pruned some stuff and i also moved some stuff and then i sat on the back porch steps for a few minutes and just breathed.

Breathed the slightly scented air from my neighbors spring flowers and the smell of freshly turned dirt.  Breathed the air that pulsed of squirrells running on the wires and birds chirping and that crazy bee that followed me all over the yard.  Breathed in the warm air, the spring, the pulse of life.

Soon i'll have to get ready for work where the breathing will be interspersed with working hard and dealing with cranky and not-so-cranky customers.  The air won't be as sweet, nor as peaceful..but hopefully the few minutes i took to just be still and breathe will carry me the rest of the day.


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