Friday, April 25, 2008

Another week...

Wow, where did the week go?  i've had an incredibly busy one, with the exception of Monday and it doesn't look like it's going to get any slower anytime soon.  i guess that's ok but sheesh! life just moves too quickly sometimes.

Gym report:  Up to 25 min on the elliptical - getting there. i actually think i'm going to up the workouts to four times a week.  And the dude that does a really hard workout - yeah, at the other end of the machines this morning.  i seriously need to have a word with him.  If he could just be on one close enough so that it motivates me, that's all i need.  Problem is i'm too chicken to go up and say anything...boooooo me.

Gas report:  Seems that gas (petrol) went up 10 cents in about four hours yesterday and this morning, everyone and their brother was phoning the local radio stations complaining.  Yeah - me too - but how do you veto it?  How can you boycott it?  You can't and that's a problem.

Garden report:  Nothing's changed.

Lingerie report: Have nothing new here either, i just like writiing the word:  lingerie.


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