Wednesday, March 26, 2008

emmasirish vs. THE TREADMILL, part II

Ok, we are a week removed from the first day on THE TREADMILL and ya know what?  It's slowly becoming THE TREADMIll...yes, that's's losing it's super powers over me.  i am slowly but surely conquering that thing.  HA HA THE TREADMIll...guess what?   i'm winning.

You see, i've gone to the gym a total of six times - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Saturday of last week and, Tuesday, Wednesday of this week thus far.  i noticed on Saturday that though it was still hard, by no means was i defeated and i felt very good afterwards.  Same thing today. 

Yeah i still have a long way to go and i'm sure that THE TREADMIll will try to grasp onto my plump little legs and hold me down, stuffing Oreos and chocolate cake into my mouth, but i won't succumb to it's evil ways!  Nope...


krtanthony said...

Ah, the treadmill. I recently gave up on running on the treadmill, as my knees are no longer up to the task. Now I walk and set it on an incline. It's a great workout, but I worry that I will end up with huge, muscular legs.

emmasirish said...

Oh the perils of huge, muscular legs.

mmmmmmmmm...erm, i mean..

nevermind what i mean!