Friday, April 18, 2008

How will you vote?

Ok, i'm not just a little bit annoyed.  i just read an article in which it stated that there are women superdelegates (Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn to name one) who are being pressured to vote for Clinton because she is a woman.  i've also heard, first hand, some people of color say that they will vote for Obama because he is black.


Dear God in Heaven, have we as a nation becomse so stuipd that we vote based on race, color or sex?  What about your conscience? Your beliefs?  The things that you would die for?  What about that?  Why not take some time and read, discuss and discern - for yourself- what each candidate is saying and promising and maybe even doing a little research to find out their track record and if you can whole-heartedly vote.  Or maybe you'll have to write in a name.  But for goodness sake, don't vote like the examples above.  That is so absolutely stupid and void of any wisdom in any possible way.

And ladies, if you're gonna vote for Clinton only because she is a woman - it would be far better if your voting rights were removed and only the Men were allowed to vote, because voting like that takes women's rights back about 1000 yrs.


phyllisstyne2005 said...

viewed from U.K. one can agree with your argument. By the same token, however, one might have said about the Republican party that Mit Romney should only have been judged on his politics.

Whatever happens, whoever wins be he/she R or D, U.S.A. is likely to have a different kind of Chief and some noticeable change in policies......or am I wrong?

emmasirish said...

No, i don't think you're wrong -but my point was rather that people are being forced and cajoled into NOT voting their conscience.  The article went on to say that Sen Klobuchar was told she was 'betraying the sisterhood' by saying she'd vote for Obama - which is just poppycock - utter nonesence.  Yes, regardless i think there will be changes, but there always is, and that's ok.  As long as voters vote their conscience and beliefs.