Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's been a good morning...

Two pretty cool things happened, wait, make that three.  And it's only 7.55am! WHOOT.

 #1 Cool thing:

Mr. Elliptical used a machine close to me.  Problem was he came as i was finishing...however, pride and that fact that i've been moaning and whining that he's never close was reason enough for me to stay on the elliptical longer.  i had a great workout. But let me put this into perspective.  When i start, i got about 2.5 mph, then slowly increase to a steady 4.3 mph or so.  There are times when i peak around 6.4 mph or so, but the majority is the 4.3 mph.  Mr. E gets on and goes straight to about 6 or 7 mph....and that's why i wanted to be on a machine close to him, it pushes me to do more.  i'm a bit competitive that way but also motivated when i see someone better...cause it makes me what to do more.

#2 Cool thing

Because of #1 - i actually did a 30 min workout before hitting the weights.  It was awesome and i realized that i really can push my body Friday 30 min it is!

#3 Cool thing

This morning, i made the last payment on my refrigorator.  Finally.  It's mine, free and clear.  Finally.  And i know to some, that is not a big deal but if you only knew what i've gone through with fridges...then got this one and's mine and still very new!

Stayed tuned cause tomorrow is a big day for me in a number of ways...

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