Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Rambling words

i'm in an odd mood of sorts.  Partly because some of the intense stress of March and April is gone.  Partly because i seem to have a new focus on life.  Partly because it's Spring and all things are new - including attitudes. 

Here's an odd thing - for four months, i purposedly had my cable turned off.  i didn't miss television one bit.  There were times, i guess, that i could've used the mindless chatter to help me wind down, or times when perhaps a good documentary or movie was on and it would've been nice to see but... all in all, i didn't miss it. 

i'm having it re-installed - because i need the dsl (for my aol addiction and for business). i wonder how i will react to the stupidity that is handed to us on a daily basis.  i'm no snob - not at all - nor a great intellectual - but honestly, some of the shows that are on are just rubbish.

i've been, instead, burying my sweet lil nose and mind in books.  Re-reading some old favourites and discovering some new ones.  my dear friend and (((((((((((Sister))))))))) gave me two recent recommendations and i bought them both trusting her judgement.  Sure enough, as i delved into one (Balzac and The Little Chinese Seamstress) last night, i once again was grateful for her knowledge and insight.  She also sent me two others last year or so and they were winners!  (thank you sister!!!!)

Which brings me to this:  good friends are treasures.  Those who take time to get to know us - deeply and richly with all our prickles and rough edges - are pure gold.  Those who provide stress relief or an undersatnding mind or a hug (cyber or real) are considered, to me, amoung the best of mankind.

And those who make us (read:me) laugh - well they have a special place in my heart - because, if you know me, you KNOW i love to laugh.

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