Monday, May 8, 2006


my work ethic took a day off today and forgot to inform me.  grrrr - i'd rather be home, curled up on the couch while reading. 

A friend from the chat room is leaving for the Persian Gulf today.  Thoughts and prayers are with him.  He will be missed - espcially around football season (who is going to monopolize the conversation and make us talk about football for days and days and days?  grrrr)

Had a wonderful lazy weekend.  Boy did i need that.  Cleaned and read.  That's it. (oh yeah and cooked and re-orgainzed some things and ....)  But it was wonderful.  Though it makes today very difficult.

Gas prices are killing me.  Don't have a terribly long commute (40 min) but it's not fun.  i really wish we had a better public tranportation system everywhere in the country, not just the big cities.  That is something i truly miss about France/Europe.

Reading Suite Francaise - great book to read, not so great for my longing to be back in Paris.

Good friend of mine is in the hospital ..grrr...i'm so sad for him.  But he knows we are pulling for him and that he'll recover and get through physcial therapy with flying colours.

New pair of heels are coming to me this week.  Very Marilyn Monroe-ish..gorgeous, can't wait.

Did i mention my work ethic has taken a vacation day?  hmm...

Maybe another cup of coffee will help!

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