Sunday, May 28, 2006

Visual Peace

Another gorgeous day.  The sun is hot, but the breeze is cool and clear.  i love days like this.  All the windows in my house are wide open allowing the air and sunshine to permeate every room.  my house is perfectly cleaned and everywhere you look there is visual peace.

Visual peace is so important.  Life, work, school, relationships take our time and attention and everyone needs a place where they can relax.   i have chosen to make my entire house like that.  i don't like clutter. (ok...except i DO have too many books lying about), i certainly don't like a dirty house, i like clean surfaces and straightened bed covers.  Because when i walk in the house after a long day, or have faced something that stresses me or upsets me, i like to find refuge and peace in my own home.

Scented candles, lots of bubble bath, living plants, and even my crazy cat all provide a sense of peace and security.  i look around my rooms and can relax a bit because i know that hard work and keeping them clean then provide me with a wonderful place to unwind and sleep.

Only thing that would make it better, would be a swarthy half-dressed Man to greet me!

Now THAT would be visual peace!     :::grin::::

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