Saturday, May 27, 2006

Living large

i love living in the city and for me to say that - me, who grew up on the side of a mountain, stomping in creeks, swimming in the river, walking in the woods - for me to say such a thing is a BIG deal

But here i sit - my house is clean and smells great - classical music is on my stereo, i can hear the many birds outside, i can hear some traffic going by, and i can hear the Mexican ladies who live not far away as they talk in their kitchen and hear the slaps of their hands against the tortillas as they make them.  Much laughter.  i see the man in the next house fixing his screen for his front window - the staple gun making a punching sound - these are all comforting sounds to me now.  Granted i live in a section that is almost always a bit more quiet, but all in all -  i love living in the city.

Think i'll go read on the front porch for a while...

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