Friday, April 28, 2006

It hurts...

Today is the kind of day you spend dreaming about during the winter.  The sky is a deep blue, not a cloud in sight.  The sun is bright and warm.  The breeze is soft and a little cool.  Different shades of green meet your eye and go right to the 'pleasure' part of your brain, while you try to comprehend the magnificent colours of trees and flowers; shrubs and bushes.  It is so beautiful that is causes you to ache inside.  Not sure why, not a terribly painful ache, but it hurts...just a little. 

How can we, fallible humans, be allowed to enjoy such beauty?  How is it possible that the bleak grayness of this past winter has given way to such wealth of colour and we are able to enjoy it?  What gives us permission to bask in this springtime glory? 

Makes me feel insignificant and small...but also very content and peaceful.  Today is the kind of day that i wish to be outdoors until the sun sets, walking in freshly greened grass or lounging on a blanket enjoying a picnic..

The forecast for the weekend is supposed to be the same as today.  i hope it is.  Three days of fantastic Spring.  So hurts.

Good time of the year to be born.

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