Thursday, April 6, 2006

Drama, drama, drama

 Last night we had play practice which was in preparation for this Sunday's performance.  This musical is set in Jerusalem during Holy Week.  Choir, soloists and cast make up the entire thing.  Due to some odd circumstances, i've found myself the drama director just very recently.  i have no experience in this...other than any acting i did in high school (i was Jezebel in one play...and King Ahab was my boyfriend's brother - very handsome - hmm...good memories.  i had to stand and yell "Kill them!" or something else just as pleasant.  Needless to say "them" were glad that later in the story, Jezebel throws herself out of the castle window and dies and less than glorious death.)  But i digress...

So..yes, inexperienced, though i do have an active imagination and can picture how it might play (no pun intended) out.  Last night, we all were a bit stressed and feeling the pressure and one guy kept making little ad lib comments - sort of under his breath - but they were absolutely hysterical.

We renamed the musical:  The Borrowed Tomb: A Holy Week Comedy.

(ok, that's not funny - but it was at 10.30pm last night...)

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