Thursday, April 13, 2006

Women are Funny Creatures

Funny things happen at work from time to time - not 'HA-HA' funny but certainly humorous to me.

i wear skirts/dresses almost all the time - there are very few exceptions to this.  i do so just to embrace my feminity and to look more polished/put together.  i am NOT though stuck-up or's just that i like how i feel when wearing a skirt..and a short, swing-y one in the warm months makes for a lot of i've heard ::cough, cough::

But i digress.

So...that being said, there are a few female co-workers who hardly ever wear a skirt but whenever they do, they come show me right away!  How fun is that?  And today  - one of the gals brought down her student worker, who was wearing an adorable skirt...

It just makes me smile happily to see other women able to enjoy dressing femme and i love making a fuss over them. 

Too bad i couldn't turn that into a business.

Make a  no?  ok..well, it was just a thought!

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