Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oh my word! Pull out already!

Today is a fabulous day - warm, breezy, very very nice.  i have some windows open and the sounds of the wakening city are coming in with the breeze.  Earlier i heard the children playing and someone was mowing their grass, adults talking and laughing - all very pleasant sounds.

However -- for the past 10 minutes, i've been listening to a man help a woman back her car out of the garage. Yes, ten...ten long minutes of..."back a little more, turn your straighten it up, pull forward,,! no!  wait!  Stop! ok, try again...a little more, no..."  AND ON AND ON.  i've watched from my bedroom window as this tiny lil red car was trying to weasel it's way out of a very large garage.

Good grief...get out and push it - would be easier, perhaps!

Sheesh!  Women drivers!

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