Monday, September 27, 2010


So last night, when i could not sleep and it was oh...three o'clock in the morning, i was thinking about: College scholarships, the things i need to get done before winter and so much more. Of course now i cannot remember 1/2 of those things but whilst in the thick of the brain wave, it was amazing all that i was going to accomplish.

Being a list girl i am going to post what i need to get done through the month of October. Hopefully this will keep me on track and help me accmplish ALOT!

1. Leak in roof must be addressed....even if i nail a stupid tarp over the area (HAHAHAHA...)
2. Decorate entryway...
3. touch up trim in living room
4. Keep working on my quilt
5. fix broken window on third floor
6. buy and install two new window locks
7. price/buy/install new kitchen facuet
8. Fix pantry so that it is actually useable for canned goods and boxed items

that should keep me busy, right?

Also, last night i had a couple of conversations with my SIL which set my mind to whirling...namely saving money through the smart use of coupons and smart shopping. This opened my mind to doing things in a whole different light and being a bit more agressive. She bought over $200 worth of groceries the other week and paid $93 just by using the sale items and then couponing those sale items. Not everything in her cart was sale items but the majority, thus cutting way down on expenses. She also, like many i know...and even myself in some things, have started a stockpile of food and items, buying now while she and my brother have jobs and things are case either the economy goes completely bust or they lost jobs, etc. This is a very smart thing to do because if you purchase mulitple things while they are on sale, rotate the groceries and household items and replenish those things, you are really being smart with your money and also have extra to share for some who might have a true need (or you just feel like giving stuff away).

i have started some of that with canned goods...not a lot though, but will probably pick that back up in the very near future....t0liet paper and paper towels are also a great thing to stockpile.

Much more to say, but i hear there is a good sale at AC Moore and Bath and Body Works and i want to go check them out. Also, its raining and grey and i need to get more candles!

Happy Monday!


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

One can never have enough toilet paper!

Kurt said...

You SIL is a woman after my own heart. I'm super cheap and good at finding a deal.