Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It just feels right

Yesterday was a nice puttering around the house kind of day. i took off the summer decorations and put the autumn ones in place....which are by far my favorite. The warmth that autumn colours bring to a home is so lovely and wonderful...and oddly relaxing. Plus i love to change the decorations...not really one of those every holiday kind of folks...i don't have enough talent or patience for that...but seasons plus Christmas.

As i was doing this i came upon some very old linens that i have that were my Irish great grandmother and grandmother's. They are old and wonderful and embroidered in spots and Irish tatting on others and doilies and....so much. So i determined to starch a good bit of them and place some around my home as well. A bureau scarf on my hope chest, a nice crocheted item on the mantel under all the fall decorations, a autumn hankie as part of the dining room table decor.

And then i started in on the linen napkins and other hankies that i have. Starched the napkins and put them in the buffet and ironed the hankies (ladies hankies...i must have around 50 of them...my grandmother put a new one in her pocketbook every day...she was very proper that way) and put them in the dresser drawer. i intend to use them.

And it just feels so right to use things that have been passed down to me...generations old, nice wonderful linens..surrounding myself with my heritage.


tony said...

The Fabric Of Our Lives!

emma said...

Yes! (that would be a much better jingle then for cotton!)