Monday, September 20, 2010


(my sweet niece)
Lately my sister and i have received so many blessing from so many people that would extremely hard to find something about which to complain. We have custody of her daughter on a part time basis...meaning that 1/2 week she is with us and 1/2 week with her father. When this custody agreement was laid out, it seemed to be a good thing until it was put into practice. It stinks. But anyway, this is what it is and so we do the best we can.

For some reason, about two weeks ago, i realized that we really had no autuumn clothes for her...a few things but everything was all of a sudden getting too small and we kind of went into a panic. my unemployment leaves a little for such things but very little and so i put on facebook as well as prayed about this very real need. i can forgo shopping for shoes this winter because i have plenty but a growing baby is a whole different game. SO...long story is that i bought a brand new snow suit for $5, one facebook friends knew another who had beautiful almost new clothes to give for free and then because of a birthday celebration, my sister and sister in law gave clothes to the baby for her birthday as well as multiple pairs of shoes.

All that is needed is long sleeved undershirts, a jacket and pjs....i can do that. Also my sister just got a job so she can do that. We can do this!


Life is still hard in spots, but today i am going to purpose to look at the blessings


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Wonderful! And she's a cutie!

emma said...

We just had her 1 yr old pics taken...this one posted was my favorite...also the one where she had three animal cookies in her mouth and had her hand in the cookie jar!!