Friday, September 17, 2010

i freakin love this time of year

Yes, i said freakin. i know, i know. Booo on me. But this is truly my favorite time of the year. Tonight begins one of the areas oldest local that will be a hoot. Mostly people go there to eat, Good PA Dutch food and regular fair food too. Then there is all the judging of the articles, photos, garden produce, animals, etc ,etc. my Father actually entered a few photographs just for kicks. We'll see how he did tonight. i probably should have entered my strawberry jam, but i didn' was a great batch!

And then there is just the fun of walking around gawking at people. That, my friends, makes me laugh more than anything. This area is chuck full of PA Dutch-y types and the accent (!) plus the way of looking at things are just fun. Plain ole fun.

Of course you always have the young kids who are fair-ies...meaning they go to any and all fairs just to hang out and be seen! i think i used to do that when i was young...especially at the McClure Bean Soup Festival. Yes...there is such a thing. Huge iron kettles over wood fires cooking bean soup. i dont know why....but it was fun! i would probably still go down to McClure for the Bean Soup if i lived closer.

Do you go to fairs? Which kind are your favorites? Do your local fire companies have tug-o-war tournaments? Yup we have that too over in the Lancaster area...and that is a feast for the female eye....young bucks full of muscles pulling on ropes..their back and arm muscles straining...thighs pulling back.....sheesh about to set an ole woman into heat.....or something.

Happy Fair Season to one and all!
(i gotta go...i just got all hot and bothered thinking about those male muscles)


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

lol. You make me want to go to a fair.

emma said... have to...For the french fries alone!!!

and the male muscles

and the live music and scary carnival rides! LOL