Monday, March 9, 2009

What a weekend!!

Friday: Only had to work one job. So...decided to spring clean Master bedroom. New comforter set, new curtains, cleaned everything, rearranged furniture, threw out a bunch of things, read some old love letters that my grandmother and grandfather sent to each other - cried a bit at their deep love, took a hot shower and crawled in between fresh wonderful sheets. Slept very deeply.

Saturday: Didn't have to work! WHOOT! Went to a Mary Kay party with my mother, spent some time with one of my sister's, saw a huge flock of robins in a farmer's yard (the first sighting of the season! YAY!), chilled for a bit, did laundry (ok,..because of spring cleaning and washing some curtains, that took until 9pm), somewhere in there i ate, watched an old movie, went to bed...oh and the house was so hot - it was kinda wonderful.

Sunday: Didn't have to work! DOUBLE WHOOT! Went to church an hour late, realized it in the parking lot, went grocery shopping, went back to church for the later service, went home, got the paper, drank coffee and read the paper, put up new curtains in kitchen (and the washed lace ones), made homemade yoghurt for the first time, made two quiches (bacon, asparagus, cheese..YUM!) cut and froze one, cut and froze some strawberries, make artichokes and endulged in them while waiting for the quiches to bake, went outside and sat and talked with the neighbors for a few minutes, ate the quiche, watched an old movie, went to bed and read for a while.

It was a fairly great weekend. i got so much done at home, but also saw how much there is to do here in Spring Cleaning season.

Unfortunately, i have to work a lot this week, but have great plans for next Saturday morning and maybe even Wednesday of this week...

Spring is surely on it's way!!


Heather said...

Very productive! You must post pictures! I have to start spring cleaning next week. I think I'm going to take one room per week...just for sanity and homeschool sake.

Funny story: I thought I found you on Facebook--but I didn't. It was another gal with your same name (middle too) in same town as you, but born in '81 and eating raw foods for one year now. :)

Kurt said...

I also await the arrival of Spring with much anticipation.