Friday, March 20, 2009

How Tactless!

So apparently Mr. Obama made a wise-crack comparing his bowling ability to Special Olympics. While this isn't something that will put the world up in arms, it was tactless of the Leader of this Country to say on National Television.

i have two brothers who have a very real and life-long disabilty. One of them is confined to a wheelchair most of the day and though he can use his arms, it takes considerable effort to do so. The other brother can walk with crutches or a walker, but also uses a wheelchair.

And while neither boy is overly sensitive about their disability and are rather cool kids (even if i do say so myself), i can't imagine that they were thrilled with that statement. And just because it might not bother them, i am sure that there are others who felt the slight.

Learning proper protocol and ettiquette should be a high priority for whomever takes the highest position of our Land. i dare say the Obamas could use a couple of crash courses...the sooner..the better.

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