Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ahh! It's Spring!

The Spring Cleaning bug has bitten me pretty hard in the past week (dang bug!) - and i can't wait to get home tonight to see what else i can throw out or donate to charity. Can't. wait. Why?
Cause it's just so much fun to declutter and get rid of junk! love it!

i'm tackling one of my worst places in the entire house: the basement. i have stuff down there that just needs to find another home. Like roller blades with no innards...the wheels are great - still works but long ago a nice little mouse made it's home out of the innards and so...

Think someone would buy them for $.50?

Oh, that reminds me - i want to rent a table at the local flea market to get rid of my stuff. Everything will be under a dollar...closer to $.25 and $.50. Though the money would be great - i want to de-clutter more.

SO! Here's to phase one of Flea Market Fun!

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